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24K Gold Foil Real Gold 8x8cm

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  • 24Κ Gold Foil Transfer Real Gold 8x8cm
  • Material: Genuine Gold 24Κ
  • Pcs: 5 - 10 - 15 - 25
  • Origin: Hong Kong 



1. Applying on your face as a facial mask. Grind into flakes and blend into your daily skincare and makeup.

2. Our natural gold leaf is secure. Please do not worry about food decoration. You can use a brush to add the natural gold leaf to cakes, bread, truffles, cookies, chocolate, and pastry.

3. You can use the 24K gold leaf in art and handcraft work, which gives you fantastic golden texture: painting, sculpture, ceramics, pottery, gliding, handmade gifts, DIY, furniture design, and stylish fashion accessories.

Top Quality: Our premium gold leaf sheets are 24K, the highest percentage of karats, which assures the purest form of gold, and we have the United States FDA and MSDS certification.

Feature: The transfer gold leaf is specially processed to make it easy to use. In contrast to gold foil, there is a piece of lining paper in the transfer gold leaf, which is easy for us to pick it up and not damage it.